Shirley Clarke - Assessment for Learning

Here at St Mary's we pride ourselevs in being a 'Shirley Clarke' school. What is that, you may ask? 

We want children to become their own self evaluators and to become resiliant, confident learners throught their lives, as we all know leanring doesn't stop at the school gates. 

To do this we teach them 3 things.

Firstly, that their brains can learn anything so long at they keep practising.

Learning Brain.jpg

Secondly we use a postive mindset, we teach children to have a growth mindset and that learning is going to be tricky at first but the more we practise the better we get...absolutely! we all have learning pits in our classes to refer to when we try something new. 


Thridly, we teach the children to use their 'Leanring Powers'. 

These are 8 little characters that children helped to create that help us with our leanring. 

We introduce them to the children at Nursey and build upon them as they move through theschool years. They are:

Have a go

Dont give up



Use your imagination

Keep improving 

Enjoy leanring

Be curious

The children will refer to these powers during the course of their lessons.

All of these are displayed in all leanring areas throughout the school, a great way to develop a love of learning. 

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